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Winemaking philosophy

I believe that great wine is real wine. Wine that is created by the vineyard and requires only gentle encouragement in the winery to transform the grapes into fine wine.

All our grapes are hand-picked and transported back to the winery in small cases to prevent the grapes from breaking and to control quality.

We only use low levels of sulphites at the end of fermentation and avoid adding acids, sugar, fining agents or oak chips. Inert gases are used to protect the wines from oxidation or bacterial spoilage during the winemaking process.

The white wines are filtered only once and fined only with bentonite to avoid protein haze. The red wines are not fined at all and just pass through a coarse filter at bottling.

No animal products are used and all the wines are suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Our aim is to make wines that people - from amateurs to connoisseurs - can appreciate, afford and enjoy.

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